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The Most Secure Business Backup & Cyber Protection

API (1)

List API we support

Billing & Invoices (8)

NetSpaceIndia CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is fully automated system, There are several Points which are predefined into the system. Here are some important factors you must keep a note of.

DNS Management (5)

DNS management refers to the process of managing the mapping of domain names to IP addresses. This is done through a DNS server, which is a database that stores information about domain names and their associated IP addresses. DNS management includes tasks such as registering domain names, configuring DNS records, and setting up DNS servers. It's important because it allows users to access a website using an easy-to-remember domain name instead of an IP address.

Domain Name (25)

A Domain Name is a textual version of an IP Address, the number that points to a particular website. For example, the number 403.331.31.34 is the IP Address for Each domain name on the Internet corresponds to such numbers. Without domain names, each and every website would have to be recalled by a number like this, similar to the telephone system, but much more difficult to remember. For this reason, domain names were introduced, and have made navigation on the net much simpler.

Email Services (4)

you will find a wide range of articles and guides covering various topics related to email hosting, configuration, security, and management. Learn how to set up email accounts, configure email clients, implement security best practices, troubleshoot common email issues, and much more.

Hardware (1)

Servers and devices comes with different hardware configuration, Here we will try to explain all the basics of terminology .

Open Source (1)

NetSpaceIndia Support, Most of the open sources like wordpress. This KB is some tips and tricks for these Open Source.

Programming Script (3)

Script for different type programmings

Shared Hosting (55)

Everything about Linux and windows Shared Hosting

Software (4)

List of all commonly required and there management

SSL Certificate (10)

Tips and Tricks to manage SSL certificate on Netspaceindia Hosting

SuperClient (5)

All Basic and Detail instructions about NetSpaceIndia SuperClient area.

Support and Help (4)

Need support regarding your hosting or any other services ? This is the area you should look for.

Tips & Tricks (1)

Some tips & Tricks you can use to optimise your hosting experience with Netspace (India)

Travel Router (1)

Travel router with VPN

VPN (7)

VPN service is a ideal solution for WFH (work for home) and other remote work solution

VPS Hosting (3)

This Article explain details about how to manage VPS server in

Website Design (1)
Working With Database (4)

NetSpaceIndia, Provide access to different type of database access in our shared / dedicated environment. Explore tools and tips here.