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Situation :

You want to host a .net core-based application, on the server and want to know the process for the same.  


Our Windows Shared Hosting platform supports Microsoft ASP.NET Core Module 12.2.19226.0, Microsoft ASP.NET Core Module V2 13.1.20074.0 , Microsoft .NET Core 2.1 Runtime 2.1.17, Microsoft .NET Core 2.2 Runtime 2.2.7 , .NET Core 3.0 Runtime 3.0.0 and .NET Core 3.1 Runtime 3.1.3 .NET, Core.App 5.0.17 .NET Core.App 6.0.5.

Every plan comes with a Plesk panel to manage services like IIS, .NET , Databases and much more. The detail of login panel is emailed to you post ordering the selected plan. (Also Check Spam Folder).

In the welcome mail, you will get your login details with plesk login link. 

Once logged in, look for File Manager and upload a ZIP archive with a .NET application by clicking “+” > Upload File. Then, we can extract the archive to the /httpdocs folder (Archive > Extract Files).

.net 6 core application installation.

Once, the content is uploaded successfully. Now, let’s configure the application to make it work!

Clicking on the domain name opens a domain card with many options. Simply click the .NET Core button here.

Configure Your .NET Application

Before running the application, you need to configure it by specifying “Application root”, “Document root”, and “Application startup file” parameters.

  • Next to “Application Root”, select the directory where you uploaded all the application’s files and subdirectories.
  • Next to “Document Root”, select the directory with the application’s static content files.
  • Next to “Application startup file”, specify the name of the file that starts the application. The startup file must be located in the “Application root” directory.
  • Select the “Enabled” checkbox to run the application and then click the Apply button to apply changes.

Post configuration the screen will look something like this. 

.net 6 core application

Note : The path can be changed as per your application need, By default the system should show the pre-defined path. 

If you click on the application URL, you will see that your application is already available on the web!

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