Free Business Email Service

With Netspaceindia every domain comes with one free business E-mail service, However for the service to get activated you need to make the following thing in a note :
  1. You must activate FREE DNS Managment service 
  2. You must also activate Free E-mail forwarding service 
    1. Login to
    2. Next, Click on Domain Name 
    3. Click on Addon button on left side and activate e-mail forwarding 
    4. Activate e-mail forwarding. 
  3. Goto Nameserver tab and change nameserver to :,, and 

    Click on save.

    Please note : In this knowledgebase, we have to change nameserver of a domain name which may stop your hosting services or related hosting services (if any) you have to make sure that you enter A record / MX record as per your hosting setting under DNS management. 

  4.  Click on manage mail hosting and then you will notice a link for create email account

    and you are done here, You should now able to use your free business email service for one email id. If you want to add more email accounts you can buy additional email service from 
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