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Domain Name Registration


Customers want to manage DNS service at the domain level


DNS Service is provided free when you purchase any Domain through NetSpaceIndia. In order to view the DNS Service interface, you need to search for the Domain you have purchased and access its Order Information interface.

Please note: With this knowledgebase, we have to change the nameserver of a domain name which will stop your hosting services or related hosting services (if any) you have to make sure that you enter A record / MX record as per your hosting setting under DNS management. 
1. Login to
2. Next, Click on Domain Name 
3. On the next page, you will see a list of all your Domain Orders bought through NetSpaceIndia. Click any domain name to reach its Overview.
4. Click the Nameserver tab. This will bring up the Nameserver interface.
for domain names brought before 2020 :

Change nameservers to,, and 
for domain names brought after 2020 :
Change nameservers to, and

Change Nameservers under NetSpaceIndia

5. Click on Save Changes.
6. Now, Click the DNS Management tab. This will bring up the DNS Service interface. (In the event you do not see this option, please follow the article How to Activate Free DNS Service to activate your free DNS Service)


With the Free DNS Management panel, you have the ability to add, modify, and remove the following types of records:

A Record: Learn How to add A record in Free DNS management.
AAAA Record: Discover How to add AAAA records in Free DNS management.
CNAME Record: Find out How to add a CNAME record in Free DNS management.
MX Record: Learn the process of How to add an MX record in Free DNS management.
SPF Record: Explore How to add SPF records in Free DNS management.



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