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  1. Linux Shared Hosting

Problem :

You want to upload/download files and folders from the server using a GUI (graphic user interface). A file manager is a tool provided under Cpanel to manage your website/app file online without using any third-party tools like FTP or SSH.  


  1. Accessing Cpanel File Manager 

    At Netspace, we provide Cpanel with every Linux shared hosting service. You can access your Cpanel account from  In case you forget your Cpanel password you can follow the instructions provided here: Reset Cpanel Password. Once logged in look for file manager on Cpanel (as shown in the screenshot)


    Inside the file manager, you will notice different folder names. All files which you want to be open to the public (like index.html , images folder) should come under public_html folder.

  2. Uploading Files / Folders Using Cpanel File Manager

    Inside Public_html folder, click on the upload button on the top left side.


    You should now be able to upload files to the desired folder.
    (TIP: If you have large website files and folders we recommend creating a zip and then uploading it to the server using file manager. You can extract zip files directly on the server using file manager)

  3. Features of the Cpanel File Manager 

    The Cpanel file manager can be used to find, copy, move, open, close, delete, undelete, create, and print files



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